Don't Be Affected By the World's Message - Jesse Duplantis

Don't Be Affected By the World's Message

By Jesse Duplantis

  • Release Date: 2013-08-26
  • Genre: Christianisme


There is power in FAITH. We live in a world filled with negativity. Each day we are confronted with the world's message - a message of death, destruction, and lack. It's NOT for us! God has given us another message - a message of hope, love, healing, and the wondrous power of faith.
In this powerful book, you'll learn how to focus on God's Word and NOT be affected by the world's message of doom and gloom. Whether you need healing for your body or peace for your mind in troubling times, Dr. Jesse Duplantis will teach you how to follow the Bible's examples and live in FAITH! Discover the powerful affect of obeying Jesus' command to "only believe"!